Science Blogging & Social Media 101 for SPARK Research Scholars

The SPARK Research Scholars at UC Davis are in for a busy second week, blending laboratory and classroom training in stem cell biology with training in social media and science blogging.

Here are a few best practices for early career scientists getting started with social media professionally:

  • Remember – social media platforms are public and content may live forever online
  • Only post images or information that you would feel comfortable sharing with colleagues during a lab meeting, in the classroom (public spaces) or advertising on a billboard along the highway
  • Choose a professional, friendly profile photo
  • Think about the professional profile you would like to build and concentrate posts, comments and “likes” on a few related topics (in our case… stem cell biology and regenerative medicine!)
  • Do not overshare personal details or images… it is sometimes okay on Twitter and Instagram, seldom okay on LinkedIn
  • Respect the privacy of others – check with colleagues before posting their images or information about their work



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